By subscribing to one of our annual contracts, you will also be entitled to Aqua2a’s expertise in the following areas:

Renovation of coating

The day has come to say goodbye to your old pool cover and replace it .

Aqua2A offers reinforced PVC membranes manufactured to last longer than so-called “standard” liners. These membranes with extra layers of thickness offer greater durability to your pool .

Swimming pool troubleshooting

Something wrong with your pool? Call us !

We test your equipment and perform any necessary troubleshooting .

For the sake of transparency and quality , we inform you of the parts to replace . A pump that is not working properly can cause problems for your pool and lead to a high energy bill. We are here to avoid this kind of inconvenience .

Aqua2A is the answer to troubleshoot your pool .

The polyester shell pool installation

Aqua2A offers the installation of polyester shell pool. Thanks to polyester shell pools, you can choose original shapes, easy to install and an excellent value for money product.

A quick and economical installation

The pool is laid on a bed of gravel and backfilled in the same way. A concrete base makes it possible to receive the curb laid with cement glue. Finally, simply connect the filtration in the pool room.

The fast installation time makes it an economical alternative.

Aqua2A is responsible for the entire installation.

The price of your underground pool includes: earthworks, gravel bottom, delivery, set-up, connection and finishing. This is the advantage of installing a pool hull.

Pool filtration

The filtration of a swimming pool consists of the following elements in order:

  • The skimmer or skimmers collect water from the pool which is then transported to the pump.
  • As well as pool skimmers , the bottom drain sends water to the pool pump.
  • The pool pump draws water from the pool and sends it into the filter.
  • The pool filter is the key element of this entire installation. Sand, cartridge or diatom filter: the filter material retains impurities from the water and the water can return to the limpid and clear pool.
  • The impurities are sent into the pipes, while the clean water returns to the basin via the discharge nozzles .
  • The installation of optional equipment is done after the filter: heat pump, electrolyser or UV lamp, pressure booster for pressure robot …

Our products in details:


Since January 2003, all pool owners have been forced to secure their swimming pools.
In case of non respect of the obligations related to the safety of the swimming pools, the owners incurs a fine of up to 45 000 €.

Four devices are at their disposal: protection barrier, immersion alarm, perimeter alarm or safety cover. Whatever your choice, all these equipments must comply with the NF P90-306 standard.

Aqua2A offers the installation of all pool equipment you would like: heat pump, electrolyser, UV lamp, booster for pressure robot …